Tired of the Jrney on d Lonely roads
counting dose little Milestones

Thought i almost reached my Deck
but I see myself bounced Back

Was Imaginin myself the Star
waiting 2 Shine bright even 4m Sofar

But am juz d Fallingstar unbound
neither belonging to d sky nor d Ground

I was Trying to find a Place to Fit
but i see Nowhere to Mark it

"I thought there was Someone
who wud stay and scream along with me
and drownout all my Loneliness"

But am Lockedup Alone wondering
To Where i actually Belong ??


Valli said...

So sad...Even I'm going through this phase

HeartHijacker said...

ohh :(

PRANEETH said...

so sadd

εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

Pranz...dose r Feelingz of a Moment ..gone thru a LifeTym ;)

Kartheek Sanka said...

I'm going through d same phase... but in professional lyf.

... Madhumathi ... said...

Hmm..:( sad but.. very nice lines.. prathi

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