Why..?? My Choco Pie.. ?

why do i wanna be the Only Angel
Flying Inside your Heart all day Long

why do i wanna be the Only Devil
Running all over in yur Dreams whole Night

Is it coz of d Compatibility dat Am so possessive??

Why am i afraid to know all about your Past
From the start till the day we 1st met

why am i praying for your future
To see you Happy watever might happen

Is it coz of d Anxiety dat am so Concerned??

why do you cross my mind every single minute
wondering how it would be if you were right beside me

why do you steal my Heartbeat when you smile
rendering my spirits go high dying to reach you

Is this Lust just coz of Your Love & Care or Mine??

Whatever the world might term it as..
I Only have an urge 2 have you all My Life
and be Lost in The Ecstasy of It !!


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