It was Aug.13th 1987 !! Arund 3am in the Morning...and i was Born!!I didnt knew or remember the 1st touch of my Mom wen i was in her Lap...nor the Dads when i was in his hands.But my Mom and Dad always say me that it was an Amazing feeling for them As i was the 1st child for them.Later they were blessed with a Baby boy(my little brother Pavan) on Sep 21st 1988.

I cudnt forget that moment when Mom had Tears while she was sharing this experience with me for the 1st time when i was in my school.Even Dad was very happy that moment...he took my hands and said ,"Apdu nuvu fingers chala chinna chinnavi Pink colourlo patkunte kandipothav emo anpinchavu ra..kuyy kuyy ani edusthuu bhale muddhuga unnavu" and there was a long pause...I could feel his mixed emotions.I didnt want to see tears in his eyes and i very soon said..."So Dad,now dat am grownup,and as i have this big big fingers,theres no need to be afraid..Nenu em Kandhiponu" and i gave a smile.He Continued...with my hands in his.."Ledhu nanna,meeru entha peddha vallu aina..meku pillalu,manavallu puttina kuda ..Maa kallaki meeru eppudu Chinnapillale"!!I was very happy and everything around me was so blur as my eyes were flooded with tears.I just said 1min Dad ,rushed into the Kitchen wiped my tears and came back with a bottle of water asking him if he wanted too.

Dad said No and brother was sleeping beside us...With his hand on my brothers hair he started saying.."Ee bujjodu tarvatha 1 yearki puttadu".We both were Smiling seeing his face.I dont remember how i felt when he was born.But i surely remember growing Jealous as My parents Love and care were slowly getting divided between both of us!!

Forgot to mention that my Dad was physically handicapped...his right hand was permanently paralysed because of a Road accident when my Mom was 9months pregnant carrying my brother.She said that she was totally depressed all the period.But after my brother was born they both were again Happy and they were just dreaming about both of our futures and nothing else.My dad was Contractor and he continued working for our Family without givingup and as he was the eldest son of the family he still carried the responsibility!!

My Dad said "Ninu ethukunanu,adinchanu...but veedini sariga ethukoni adinchalekapoyanu,talchukunte badhaga untundhi ra..devudu ee cheyyi inkonni rojulu tarvatha teesukovalsindhi" !! I felt really sad and after that moment i was nomore Jealous about my little brother. I was comfortable with the fact that My Mom Loves my brother a little more than me.The other reason is that am my Dad's baby Doll!!

I always am Proud of having such Parents and Brother!!My MOM..I could never forget those moments when SHE used to coverup my little mistakes to maintain my Dads Impression on me.She used to say that it was her own fault when she had no Other choice.My DAD..he always gave me what i asked for.His Love was always the same!!After my 18' Little Brother was no more a Younger one...he used to take care of me and used to suggest me at a right time.He kept my Mischiefs for himself which he never used to when we were children.I often used to feel him as my Elder Brother :)

They were the Ones who Loved me with all their Heart and always Believed in Me!! I wish to Give them the same Happiness that they have been giving me since I was Born :)


... Madhumathi ... said...

Well.. datz a very nice post :)
Family plays a very imp. role in our life.. :)
D way v behave with others.. nd our mental ability.. r developed frm our fam mem's !!

Nice to know abt u thru' dis post :)
Kudos to ur dad n mom! and evn ur bro :)

Cheers ^_^

Valli said...

Touching incidents dear....:)
I can say one thing....Edi em aina.....Mana parents valle manam ila unnam.....:)

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