When I have so much to say..
and dont know how to,
I start to Cry ! ~ All Inside

when my DearOnes see and not bother
I continue to cry Out ..and they continue to watch :'(

That makes me feel more
-d e s e r t e d- !!

- Urz Prathi

The toughest Chapterz to Read ..
d deep Feelingz of a Galz Soul

The toughest Puzzlez to Solve ..
d silent Tearz in a Galz Eye

The toughest Storiez to Understand ..
d hidden Painz of a Galz Heart

The toughest Answers to Find ..
d random Questionz in a Galz Mind

~•◊•~ Urz Prathi

AlwayZz try 2 Perceive thingz/Personz wid yur Heart ..
wen you See dem wid yur EyeZz..

Coz smeday yu might realise dat Yur Eyez hav. deceived You..
But Yur Heart never Does !!

Feelin' Enchanted..at itz shorez,
rejoicin wid Fnz..as d cool wind blowz

Walkin' on d warm White sandz ,
gazin at d Shining sky and shellz

Floatin' & swimmin' in d Blue waterLand,
jumpin' al around Hand-in-hand

Thowin' the Green Algae in Scare ,
catchin' the Pink JellyFish with care

Divin' in as the Raindropz Fall,
hearin itz soundz at d Oceanz wall

Standing in d middle of sky-ocean interface,
feelin' d Rain as it touches our Face

Gettin' completely wet , drenched in the Rain,
lettin ourself dry in the sunshine again

The Nature was treating us as itz Friend,
we were juZz lost in itz Perfect blend !!

^^All these were my Real Xperiences of 12hrz of yesterday @Karolina bulgar(a place in Ukraine)beach .. juz written in a Poeticway! I heard the Rain with oceans Ear by taking a dive into it..It was the sound that i never Heard before ..was soundin little scary but surely Amazin & Awsme as it was sensin' musical ♫..The jellyfish were TransparentPink nd very tender that i was even afraid to touch directly,juz holded it in my handz along with the water :) We Played Kabadi,Volleyball,Batminton,runninRace and boys had more Fun than us..We gotto invent some new names for the games they were Playin? :P lol..We were juz watchin dem nd Laughin lyk Hell =] . We were catchin al d attention of Ukrainianz while we were playin Kabadi :) Guess dey found it Intrestin ,Indianz Rock \m/ ;) It was a Beautiful cloudy Day with Rain,Amazin evening Sunset wid a Crescent Moon in d Ni8 <3

Wil soon UL some more pix of our Trip !! ~

cudnt take a better snap of it..as v wer. in d Train ^^

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