I still Yellout when someone Forces me to wakeup
I still Hide behind my dad when i fight with my little brother

I still Love those chicks,Lambs and pups
I still lick the chocolate wrapper when noone is watching

I still Cry when my parents dont get me what i Ask
I still prefer to eat those lols and candies

I still accept an icecream even when am angry
I still try imitate the people i love and hate

I still neglect d surroundings when i Play around
I still run allover d garden trying to catch a Butterfly

I still stare at the cutest things i come across
I still love to talk to my toys and dolls

I still shout when i see a small insect or lizard
I still dance stupid when my favourite song plays

I still scribble on the walls and desks when bored
I still showoff the little things i do

I still fall asleep listening to Moms stories
I still break into tears when my dearones move far

I still lock myself alone in my room when am Hurt
I still share my topsecret to a stranger when Happy

I still think that am d best person than anyone
I still act Innocent when i wanna b pampered

I still have my childhood in me <3

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