A boy is born and they say....Wooww you have a son
A girl is born and they say.....Here is your burden

A boy laughs loud and they say....Ohh he's very happy today
A girl laughs loud and they say....Ohh she has got no manners

A boy breaks a glass and they say....God he's Naughty
A gril breaks a glass and they say....God she's Irresponsible

A boy teases a girl and they say....My son is grownup now
A girl teases a boy and they say....My daughter needs to growup

A boy fails in his love and they say.....Everything will be fine
A girl fails in her love and they say....Everything has been ruined

A boy does a mistake and they say....Its ok they happen
A girl does a mistake and they say.....she wil never learn

A boy loves her wife than everyone and they say....he's so nice
A girl loves her husband than everyone and they say....she's so mean

A boy turns up againt elders and they say.....he knows everything
A girl turns up against elders and they say....she knows nothing

A boy behaves silly at his 60's and they say....he's child again
A girl behaves silly at her 60's and they say....shes's a drama queen

A boy dies and they say....He's Nomore
A girl dies and they say....She's Nomore

when their death doesnt make any difference
why does their life make you the difference ??

Shez born when her parents feel it as a boon to have her
but not when she juZz lands on the Earth
cause some people still consider a girl child as a weary load

Shez the Dads little child
when she could bring back the smile on his face
even after he had a hard and tiry day

Shez happy when her beloved praises her Heart
but not her Beauty ,charm or grace
cause most of the men fall in love with Beauty

she feels her life worth living
when her husband could understand
The deeply hidden feelings

shez a Women when she becomes a Mother
but not when shez enjoying at teens
cause giving birth brings out the women inside you

she can fly even if shes at 60's
when her children listen her advice
and grandchildren wait to hear her stories

Accept your daughter with a full heart
Care your sister for her Innocense
Love your beloved's heart but not juz luks
Admire your wife for her little deeds
Thank your mom for her sacrifices
Respect your grandmom for her age

Little Love , Little Care , nd a Little Respect
Thats all she needs ...!!!

I'm possessed....with ur 1st messages on my Mobile
They wish me a Good Morning

I'm possessed....with the looks far from a distance
They ask me if am fine or not

I'm possessed....with the bouquet of flowers sent to me
They remind me to keep smiling

I'm possessed....with ur little signs at every meet
They say me theres someone for me

I'm possessed....with the few words heard
They make my Heart skip a beat

I'm possessed....with the stars i see in the night
They wink that we are under the same sky

I'm possessed...with the dreams in my sleep
They bring me very close to you

I'm possessed....with evrything you do to me
They convey me that you love me

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