Can smeOne make a Baby Hppiee ~
wid a sweet Cadbury Chociee.. ??

wen All she Criez iz for her Motherz Warmth !!

Can smeOne satisfy d Hungry Beggerz ~
wid preciouz Jewelz nd Ornamentz .. ??

wen All he needz iz smething that fills his Tummy !!

Can smeOne wipe d widowz Tearz ~
wid material wealth nd Propertiez.. ??

wen All she wantz is Her Spouse back !!

Can smeOne make a Girl Smile ~
wid makin her Luxuriez double/Triple.. ??

wen All she awaitz foh iz Peace nd Love !!

- Urz Prathi

Love is not Pain ...It iznt Burden ..

Love is not Xcitement... It iznt Lust.. 

Itz not juz Stayin awake for the whole Night for Oneself ,

Love is Sharin ... Itz , 

Momentz of Tears and Laughter shared Together !! 

- Urz Prathi

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