You're that perfect SomeOne,
Whom I can Never be with.. !! 

There'z NoOne like "Made-Foh-EachOther"
Itz juz "Making-Foh-EachOther"

It is a Journey ..
a Jrney of Two Hearts ,

A Journey of ,
We Moulding our Heart and Soul
Our Mind and thought
for the Other ..

To become a Perfect Soulmate
The One" he/she might Want Forever
Juz because We love Them !!

And In the Journey of that Love
"Making Ourselves for the Other"
We ultimately become a "Made-for-EachOther"

Hyderabad is as Wonderful as it seems to be from Outside .. This is where many people start their Lives ..It gives You so much ! A Career for d Jobless , Friends for the Lonely , Love , Fun , Hatred and wat Not ?

There's nothin Yu go in searchof nd yu Dont find ..Itz a Place for Everything !! As a  Rainbow has All d colours in it and no wonder  it looks Beautiful for anyOne..but everyOne has a different colour of it as their Favourite    . So is Hyd  , eachOne goes in search of their own  dream s.!!

Well foh meh .. I Love NightLyf in Hyd city , The empty roads after 12 midnight wid No traffic and Pollution. Feels best to hangout with friends,  and  your loved ones. Nothing but  Those endless talks, watch night shows in theatres and yell on the roadz like we rule the world, roam all around anyway the road takes you without a destiny.

Chitchat,yell louder and do all crazy stuff like drunk (when actually ain't) is the best feel.  Time just flies like seconds,we talk about our job,our secrets,our family, best moments, divide our sorrows and double our happiness...discuss so much that even doesn't make sense... we never know how soon the darkness turns out to a bright morning and awaken us to start our routine life's.

wherever you are.. The best way to cheer up is to try makeup some time to spend with your lovedones. Life is small, and we all come with an expiry date..
So just njoyy, Live let live... Forgive let go...and keep smiling :)

I  just wanna shower like Rain..
And take away all your Pain,

Lock those memories..
That bring you smiles
 but no wrinkles,

I wish to hold on for long..
Cause I wanna see you grow strong,

Let go your  past!
Learn from it.
Live your present,  and dream for your future.

Cause your so  awesome and you deserve to be happy!! :)

Dawn or dusk..
Like a holy musk,

Let the sky fall..
Or May the evil call,

I do not care..
Cause you are still there,

Right there..beside me

Not a hot labe..
Nor a sweet babe,

Nothing matters..
As everything shatters,

North or south..
It's an unsaid oath,

You and me...

Friends for now..
Forever and ever!!

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