You are the Pain....You are the Bliss

Pain when i need someone to wipe my Tears
Bliss when i dont want to show my Fears

You are the Confusion....You are the Comfort

Confusion when everything goes wrong
Comfort when nothing around me is acceptable

You are the Teacher....You are the Bungler

Teacher when a perfect solution sprouts
Bungler when it endsup with mistakes

Living in My Solitude....!!

A boy is born and they say....Wooww you have a son
A girl is born and they say.....Here is your burden

A boy laughs loud and they say....Ohh he's very happy today
A girl laughs loud and they say....Ohh she has got no manners

A boy breaks a glass and they say....God he's Naughty
A gril breaks a glass and they say....God she's Irresponsible

A boy teases a girl and they say....My son is grownup now
A girl teases a boy and they say....My daughter needs to growup

A boy fails in his love and they say.....Everything will be fine
A girl fails in her love and they say....Everything has been ruined

A boy does a mistake and they say....Its ok they happen
A girl does a mistake and they say.....she wil never learn

A boy loves her wife than everyone and they say....he's so nice
A girl loves her husband than everyone and they say....she's so mean

A boy turns up againt elders and they say.....he knows everything
A girl turns up against elders and they say....she knows nothing

A boy behaves silly at his 60's and they say....he's child again
A girl behaves silly at her 60's and they say....shes's a drama queen

A boy dies and they say....He's Nomore
A girl dies and they say....She's Nomore

when their death doesnt make any difference
why does their life make you the difference ??

Shez born when her parents feel it as a boon to have her
but not when she juZz lands on the Earth
cause some people still consider a girl child as a weary load

Shez the Dads little child
when she could bring back the smile on his face
even after he had a hard and tiry day

Shez happy when her beloved praises her Heart
but not her Beauty ,charm or grace
cause most of the men fall in love with Beauty

she feels her life worth living
when her husband could understand
The deeply hidden feelings

shez a Women when she becomes a Mother
but not when shez enjoying at teens
cause giving birth brings out the women inside you

she can fly even if shes at 60's
when her children listen her advice
and grandchildren wait to hear her stories

Accept your daughter with a full heart
Care your sister for her Innocense
Love your beloved's heart but not juz luks
Admire your wife for her little deeds
Thank your mom for her sacrifices
Respect your grandmom for her age

Little Love , Little Care , nd a Little Respect
Thats all she needs ...!!!

I'm possessed....with ur 1st messages on my Mobile
They wish me a Good Morning

I'm possessed....with the looks far from a distance
They ask me if am fine or not

I'm possessed....with the bouquet of flowers sent to me
They remind me to keep smiling

I'm possessed....with ur little signs at every meet
They say me theres someone for me

I'm possessed....with the few words heard
They make my Heart skip a beat

I'm possessed....with the stars i see in the night
They wink that we are under the same sky

I'm possessed...with the dreams in my sleep
They bring me very close to you

I'm possessed....with evrything you do to me
They convey me that you love me

He could Beat the Drums of My Heart
He could Sing the Tunes of My Thoughts
He could enlighten the Charm of My Face
He could Fly the Kites of My Passions
He could Play the strings of My Nerves
He could Ring the Bells of My Soul
He could Climb the Heights of My Desires
He could colour the Moments of My Life

You are the One who could Play the strings and Drums of
♫ "My Heart" ♫

The Delight you feel...
when you see a Butterfly or a Girl
Is not because of their Beauty ...
but because of the tenderness They possess
A butterfly in its wings εїз and a Girl at Her Heart

You cuddle my day with your smile
You blush my cheeks with your looks
You double my Joy with your company
You pause my world with your words
You win my attitude with your simplicity
You warm my blood with your Innocense
You free my pain with your care
You raise my spirit of womenhood with your touch
You brighten my way with your aptitude
You treasure my soul with your nature
You Reach my Heart with your Love

We find Delight in Beauty
We feel Happiness in Friendship
But we Treasure "Both" in "TrueLove"

I wakeup in d mng ....Rem. yur smile
nd i'm boosted wid wattz of energy
coz. i knew yu wanted 2 c me Happi3e...!!

I walkby on d roads....Rem. yur words
nd i'm slowly loosing my senses
coz. i knew yu wish 2 b der in my Thoughts...!!

I sit by wid fnz...Rem. yur Face
nd i'm not hearing a single word dey speak
coz i knew yu strived hard 4 my Attention...!!

I do my works...Rem. yur Jokes
nd i'm startin 2 laugh al alone so suddenly
coz. i knew yu r afraid of me being lonely...!!

I watch d evng sky...Rem. yur Faith
nd i'm waitin 4 yu 2 take my hand
coz. i knew yu wudnt want 2 let me go...!!

I stare at d dazzling stars...Rem. yur silence
nd i'm thinking 2 be der in yur arms 4eva
coz. i knew yu pray 4 us 2 live 2gether...!!

I hear d baby cry...Rem. yur sorrows
nd i'm dying 2 wipe yur tears away
coz. i knew yu've been hidin dem 4m d whole world...!!

I go 2 bed...Rem. yur Love
nd i dream of "You & Only Yu"
coz. i knew yu JuzZ want me as I'm...!!

--UrZz Prathi

Yu cant b a Poet if yu gett enuff Love....
Yu cant b a Creator if yu dont miss anything...

Yu'l nt knw d value of li8 if yu havent seen darkness.....
Yu'l nt Njoy d moment yu smile wen yu had No Tears....

Yu cant celebrate yur success wen itz nt ur struggle...
Yu cant celebrate yur death wen derz no1 to cry 4 yu....

Yu dnt realise d boon of having Parents if yu havent seen an Orphan...
Yu dnt realise d talents u posses if yu havent tried enuff...

Yu cant miss sme1 bad wen yu always stay so Near...
Yu cant Love sme1 deep wen yu dnt accept dem as dey are...

Yu cant Njoy d colours of Nature if yu havent seen ny1 blind
Yu cant Njoy d sounds of Music if yu havent seen ny1 Deaf

Yu dnt knw d Joy of bein among yur fnz if ur neva alone ....
Yu dnt knw d worth of True Love if yur heart is neva broken....!!

I wanna smile each moment
lyk i neva knew wat tears were
but al i can do is juzz cry

I wanna feel high evry day
lyk an angel of happiness does
but i remain in my solitude

I wanna 4get yu 4va
lyk i've neva known yu
but yu r d 1 i remember 24*7

I wanna hate you so much
lyk d heart dat neva skips d beat
but i keep loving yu so deep

Though itz love or hate...
y does my day start wid yur thoughts
nd my night ends in yur Dreams ??

I'm Not an Angel
Nd i donn have ny wingz
but sme momentz make me Fly

I'm Not an Ocean
Nd i cant make any pearls
but my Thoughtz r 2 Deep

I'm not a Mutant
Nd i dont have a new trait
but sme feelingz of mine r neva understood

I'm Not a Rainbow
Nd i'm not made of 12 colourz
but my angry iz as short as itz life

I'm Not a Star
Nd i'm not cin on d sky
but ppl i love r d reason i shine

I'm Not a Flower
Nd i donn hold ny Honey
but wid Heart like petalz vry Sensitive

I'm not a Wonder
Nd i'm not known 2 evry1
but der r thingz in Me dat only i posses

*I'm JuZz a Girl*

I c Myself in a Wonderland
walkin barefeet on d cloud made sand

Moving from cloud one to nine
tuchin d starz dat shine

sitting on d Moon in Pink
watchin d Rainbow wink

I talk 2 d Sun till Noon
Am made an Angel as a gudbye boon

Horses kme flying 4m so long
Nightingale singz me a song
Elephantz nd treez dance along
show me my prince charming
D one 2 whom i belong

[I wakeup from sleep at midni8
nd Pray d Wishin star
2 make my dream Kme True]

Lukin at D clear sky
Waitin 4 d Rain 2 fall by

It makez me Groove
as d cloudz Move
nd d 1st drop hitz d Eve

It Feelz like my senses snow
as doze windz slow
nd d sand odours blow

Rain dropz so liitle ...Cuddle Me
Lightningz flashing so high ....Bloom Me
Stormz blowin so light .....Mint Me
Rainbows castin so Far ...Grace Me
Birdz singin so Near ...Cheer Me
Trees springing so Calm ....Motive Me

Itz like d Nature stopped by
To sing d Lullaby
Not gettin Droopy
To make me Happy

It was in yu I was dwellin
i was only months growin
nd yu wer d nly1 i was feelin
yur my idol Goddess !!

It was yu i tuched nd recognised
wen on dis planet i landed
nd yu wer d nly world i lived
yur my senses !!

It was 4m yu many things i learnt
Itz yu i count wen ppl compliment
Yur my teacher !!

It was wid yu evry thing i shared
yu made me laugh nd my tears yu wiped
Yur my Friend !!

It was yu who watched all my steps
made me perfect by correctin all my steeps
Yur my Preacher !!

Luv yu 4 al d patience yu had
......2 stop me crying
Luv yu 4 al d sacrifices yu did
......2 see me smiling

Luv yu 4eva nd Eva Mom !!

Big Eyez....check dey never liez

chubby cheekz....dont squeeze

Red lipz....I dont know wat dey speakz

Am juz eightz....nd my name iz EliZz

Nw diz poem tweetz....but not for sixteenz

Derz my girl Aliz...nd shez juz sweet six'z

Y do tearz roll out of my eyez
wen I only want 2 smile

Y am I left all alone
wen I only need someone known

Y am I left with choices
wen I gotto loose d one I pick

Y do this days nd nights come
wen I cud only see darkness all around

Y is diz world so big nd empty
wen I only need a little space filledup

Y does mornings wake me up
wen I only wanted 2 sleep 4eva !!

The girl who seemed unbreakable Broke

The girl who stood so strong Crumbled

The girl who neva built ny wallz Set apart

The girl who loved having fun Bkme Monotonous

The girl who kept dreaming big Awoke

The girl who always laughed it off cried

The girl who felt herself as a treasure Emptied

The girl who spoke 2 wishin star evry ni8 No longer longed

The girl who loved living her life Expired

Nd D girl who wud neva stop trying Finally gave up

I gave Yu my Heart
But yu dnt even care
To me It seemz

I loved yu a Lott
But yu can never make
how deep it meanz

I am angry yu Spott

But yu never perfectly figure
why nd from where it comez

I cried , sensitive yu Thought
But reasons yu dont realize
bcoz you dont understand my painz

So I stayup and ask Myself
Why do yu comeback...

when all u can do iz make me Cry ??

Cimex...wid a body not so complex

just iznt a bug stuck... 4 wat i wud say yuck

every mid ni8 it pings ...has no wings

spoils my dream ...nd makes me scream

so does a crime..but pays no fine

its colour red..drinking all my blood

Your me a favour

Nw dat am Anaemic....nd ya Insomniac

Make a Laww!!...punish itz flaww !!

Love you 4m d mng sunlight
to the falling stary night
and in the glowing twilight

♥ ♥ ♥

Love you with every Breath i take
every move i make
and every moment i sleep and awake

♥ ♥

Love you as high as the mountains
as deep as the ocean remains
and as long as the sky rains

!! ~ Love you Forever and ever ~ !!
~ ♥~

Am a daughter
wid a rare innate laughter
for being afar so longer
what i may also miss in the life after

Am a sibling
wid very doleful feeling
for derz moments still remaining
which i cant share in the days upcoming

Am a friend
wid only blue trend
for all left me in the end
that i am so worried to wend

Am a beloved
wid a heart that cried
for the one who never dared
and am still not sure if he really cared

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