Am a daughter
wid a rare innate laughter
for being afar so longer
what i may also miss in the life after

Am a sibling
wid very doleful feeling
for derz moments still remaining
which i cant share in the days upcoming

Am a friend
wid only blue trend
for all left me in the end
that i am so worried to wend

Am a beloved
wid a heart that cried
for the one who never dared
and am still not sure if he really cared


Durga said...

its very nice.. but its making me sad dont know why.. :-??

abhi.. said...


Bhavishya said...

bavundi :)

the prince said...

u r 2 gud prathi :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Beautiful poetry :)

sandesh said...

Last line awesome :)

Nice one prathi :D

Nandu said...

Bagundhi amma bagundhi .,

we didn't find tht ur a rookie in this poem.,
Ur osome frm da beginning \m/

PRANEETH said...

Nice one prathi....Good framing...

Valli said...

Nice words :)

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