I wakeup in d mng ....Rem. yur smile
nd i'm boosted wid wattz of energy
coz. i knew yu wanted 2 c me Happi3e...!!

I walkby on d roads....Rem. yur words
nd i'm slowly loosing my senses
coz. i knew yu wish 2 b der in my Thoughts...!!

I sit by wid fnz...Rem. yur Face
nd i'm not hearing a single word dey speak
coz i knew yu strived hard 4 my Attention...!!

I do my works...Rem. yur Jokes
nd i'm startin 2 laugh al alone so suddenly
coz. i knew yu r afraid of me being lonely...!!

I watch d evng sky...Rem. yur Faith
nd i'm waitin 4 yu 2 take my hand
coz. i knew yu wudnt want 2 let me go...!!

I stare at d dazzling stars...Rem. yur silence
nd i'm thinking 2 be der in yur arms 4eva
coz. i knew yu pray 4 us 2 live 2gether...!!

I hear d baby cry...Rem. yur sorrows
nd i'm dying 2 wipe yur tears away
coz. i knew yu've been hidin dem 4m d whole world...!!

I go 2 bed...Rem. yur Love
nd i dream of "You & Only Yu"
coz. i knew yu JuzZ want me as I'm...!!

--UrZz Prathi


Sanji said...

Loved It

Prince said...

Itzz yuu nd only yuu :)

Cool...bagundi :)

Euro said...

Bagundi Tuch Chesindi \m/

PRANEETH said...

Kool...bagundi praths

Sri Valli said...

Nice flow in the poem...:)

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