Born 4m your Womb..and cared in Your Heart
Yu've shown me what life was all About

Its part of You in my Body and soul
taking the pain to help my evry wound heal

I wonder if there comes a day
when i could hold your arms and say

that you are the One i wish to Bow
coz without you my world would be so hallow

Part of Part of Me

Widout ur role..I cudnt be this better
I only wish , I could show you Mother
How you make me feel like No-other

Happy Mothers Day

This Poem made this "Mothers Day" so Special foh Me & my Mom :)
I Read it & Translated 2 Telugu foh Her On call!!
She complimented sayin "This Poem would make Any Mother Happy"
She'z so Emotional...She alwayz has Tears wen i Do sch things :)
She said dat she Wanted it in my HandWritten form..Sighned Afta my Name nd she wud make a Frame of it !!

I realised dat "Our Little Love" meanz a lot foh Dem..Love yu MOM >:d<


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