It was Only 1 day ..
11/May/2011 !! Yesterday ..
The Nly day wen I felt dat Am gonna Miss "Something" ..
Something dat I had till Yesterday ..
That i mi8 Miss in d Near Future ..!!

May be coz of that Fear..I felt lyk treasurin all dose Moments ..Evrything that made me Sad/ Happy/Freakin crazy/Fuckin Lazy !! Evry moment that i was Xcited !! Nd This is the ri8 TYM i i Found myself havin enuff Patience :P

{ My MBBS 1st Year } -- { Trying and Learning }

It started On Sep.1st 2005 !! As we bein Foreighn studentz Guided by the consultancies nd Fnz , were sent to this Place in batches nd I was in d 2nd batch !! Kme here on Nov.7th 2005 !! Our Course had students in 3 batches..1 sent Earlier nd d oder Late!! We had our Jrney 4m Delhi-Odessa ..nd we all were feelin So lonely till v reached diz Place as all Our parents bid us BYE in d Airport !!We were Nly intrested in findin out d Natives of others nd there was only 1 guy 4m AP !! All the others belonged 2 North !

We reached here In 8hrz .Arund 3500Milez .Few of our Seniours came 2 receive us !! I was on Cloud9 when dey cud Recognise me , my name nd My place b4 i introduced Myself !!They were 4m AP too . I was feelin a bit relaxed afta dey discussed everything about the Studies and Place with us in a very Friendly way.

We stepped into the Hostel nd d

1st here d hostel rooms were alloted in common for both Girls and Boys.nd d
2nd shock..Damn d rooms were like Hell , My block with 2 rooms 1 for boys nd d other for us with a common WC.mY Room wid a 100watt lamp,2 Springbeds,2 vry small cupboards nd Nothingelse !!I felt lyk Killin d consultancy Ppl who showed us the Pictures of rooms which were Well furnished lyk d 5* onez .

We called our Parents nd were Xcited 2 know dat we reached Here while dey were still on der Way bck 2 home 4m Delhi as dey were gng by Trains !I met the students who came a Month before . I was wid a +ve spirit afta talkin 2 dem as They seemed well adjusted 2 d place. But sad that there were Only few Indian girls ..juz 8 Including me out of 40..nd d rest were Boys. Among dem Only 2 were 4m South (Sara and sumera) nd i cudnt meet dem dat day as dey were out shopping. I was felin a bit LOnely,nd a bit Unique as i was d Only Telugu Girl :)

We relaxed durin d weekend , filledup nd signed our contracts on Monday nd walked into the University ClassRooms.Oh my Goodness ....It was juz Aw...awwwww..........Awesme !! Everyone was satisfied..nd we thought we wud soon be adjusted wid d hostels too as we were allowed 2 buy any Funiture we wish to for our Rooms.

OSMU University ..Toooooo Big , Too many departments ,Wide ,Spacious , Big Pillars nd statues ,2 Canteens(V call dem RedCanteen nd GreenCanteen.. lolZz). It was so colourful wid a mix of Black,white nd Fair people 4m different parts of the World ;) It was completely a New Experience !! We moved into the classes after buying our Aprons (Ahh...1 of my Dream juz got fulfilled) and notebooks. We had arund 3 subjects dat day , we all Tried the whole day to und. d Proffesor's English ..but v endedup juz Laughing at der Funny accent =)) Dat was d Nly fun for us during the 1st week ..Commentin at our Proffesors English,nd Imitatin dem any of us hav. not had any Music /other Fun equipment yet.We soon came 2 know that we have to clear all the classes we missed 4m Sep-Nov. , nd we also Gotto cook by ourselves as we cudnt find anything Indian in our Canteens :(

Our big Problems nd Goals of 1st Year were

Clearin dose Missed classes after attending our Regular classes

Coming bck 2 hostel and cukin for dinner ( I didnt knew even 2 on d Stove )
And Trying to b Comfortable with d Place nd People around

Uff somehow December we cleared our Absents.I managed 2 cuk Rice nd few curries wid my Momz,Fnz, nd Seniours help. By d end of 1st Yr I was neutral nd comfortable wid Evry1 Xcept My Roomie. We also got used 2 the Ukrainian-English ;) I became Very close to 2 of our seniours Rosa Akka and Srikanth Anna. I was feelin Home wen i was with them. :) By July our Academic Yr was Ova nd v were in our Homes for Summer Vocation ..Ahh those 2months were lyk Heaven after such a Miserable Journey in an Unknown Place wid Unknown People :D

{ My MBBS 2nd Year }

to be Continued ..


Sanji said...

Thanks to Ukraine for my sister learnt cooking :P

εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

Haha :P

Nandu said...

1st year lo chala dedicated anamata :P ., kani attendance kosam lecturers chuttu thirigina days marchipolevemo nuvu :P ahahaha

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