He could Beat the Drums of My Heart
He could Sing the Tunes of My Thoughts
He could enlighten the Charm of My Face
He could Fly the Kites of My Passions
He could Play the strings of My Nerves
He could Ring the Bells of My Soul
He could Climb the Heights of My Desires
He could colour the Moments of My Life

You are the One who could Play the strings and Drums of
♫ "My Heart" ♫

The Delight you feel...
when you see a Butterfly or a Girl
Is not because of their Beauty ...
but because of the tenderness They possess
A butterfly in its wings εїз and a Girl at Her Heart

You cuddle my day with your smile
You blush my cheeks with your looks
You double my Joy with your company
You pause my world with your words
You win my attitude with your simplicity
You warm my blood with your Innocense
You free my pain with your care
You raise my spirit of womenhood with your touch
You brighten my way with your aptitude
You treasure my soul with your nature
You Reach my Heart with your Love

We find Delight in Beauty
We feel Happiness in Friendship
But we Treasure "Both" in "TrueLove"

I wakeup in d mng ....Rem. yur smile
nd i'm boosted wid wattz of energy
coz. i knew yu wanted 2 c me Happi3e...!!

I walkby on d roads....Rem. yur words
nd i'm slowly loosing my senses
coz. i knew yu wish 2 b der in my Thoughts...!!

I sit by wid fnz...Rem. yur Face
nd i'm not hearing a single word dey speak
coz i knew yu strived hard 4 my Attention...!!

I do my works...Rem. yur Jokes
nd i'm startin 2 laugh al alone so suddenly
coz. i knew yu r afraid of me being lonely...!!

I watch d evng sky...Rem. yur Faith
nd i'm waitin 4 yu 2 take my hand
coz. i knew yu wudnt want 2 let me go...!!

I stare at d dazzling stars...Rem. yur silence
nd i'm thinking 2 be der in yur arms 4eva
coz. i knew yu pray 4 us 2 live 2gether...!!

I hear d baby cry...Rem. yur sorrows
nd i'm dying 2 wipe yur tears away
coz. i knew yu've been hidin dem 4m d whole world...!!

I go 2 bed...Rem. yur Love
nd i dream of "You & Only Yu"
coz. i knew yu JuzZ want me as I'm...!!

--UrZz Prathi

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