Feelin' Enchanted..at itz shorez,
rejoicin wid Fnz..as d cool wind blowz

Walkin' on d warm White sandz ,
gazin at d Shining sky and shellz

Floatin' & swimmin' in d Blue waterLand,
jumpin' al around Hand-in-hand

Thowin' the Green Algae in Scare ,
catchin' the Pink JellyFish with care

Divin' in as the Raindropz Fall,
hearin itz soundz at d Oceanz wall

Standing in d middle of sky-ocean interface,
feelin' d Rain as it touches our Face

Gettin' completely wet , drenched in the Rain,
lettin ourself dry in the sunshine again

The Nature was treating us as itz Friend,
we were juZz lost in itz Perfect blend !!

^^All these were my Real Xperiences of 12hrz of yesterday @Karolina bulgar(a place in Ukraine)beach .. juz written in a Poeticway! I heard the Rain with oceans Ear by taking a dive into it..It was the sound that i never Heard before ..was soundin little scary but surely Amazin & Awsme as it was sensin' musical ♫..The jellyfish were TransparentPink nd very tender that i was even afraid to touch directly,juz holded it in my handz along with the water :) We Played Kabadi,Volleyball,Batminton,runninRace and boys had more Fun than us..We gotto invent some new names for the games they were Playin? :P lol..We were juz watchin dem nd Laughin lyk Hell =] . We were catchin al d attention of Ukrainianz while we were playin Kabadi :) Guess dey found it Intrestin ,Indianz Rock \m/ ;) It was a Beautiful cloudy Day with Rain,Amazin evening Sunset wid a Crescent Moon in d Ni8 <3

Wil soon UL some more pix of our Trip !! ~

cudnt take a better snap of it..as v wer. in d Train ^^


Nandu said...

ur xcited :P , Hope u had a gud time,

╰» Dimps ♥ said...

Wow itz superb .. Hope u had an awesome time!!

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