I'm Not an Angel
Nd i donn have ny wingz
but sme momentz make me Fly

I'm Not an Ocean
Nd i cant make any pearls
but my Thoughtz r 2 Deep

I'm not a Mutant
Nd i dont have a new trait
but sme feelingz of mine r neva understood

I'm Not a Rainbow
Nd i'm not made of 12 colourz
but my angry iz as short as itz life

I'm Not a Star
Nd i'm not cin on d sky
but ppl i love r d reason i shine

I'm Not a Flower
Nd i donn hold ny Honey
but wid Heart like petalz vry Sensitive

I'm not a Wonder
Nd i'm not known 2 evry1
but der r thingz in Me dat only i posses

*I'm JuZz a Girl*

I c Myself in a Wonderland
walkin barefeet on d cloud made sand

Moving from cloud one to nine
tuchin d starz dat shine

sitting on d Moon in Pink
watchin d Rainbow wink

I talk 2 d Sun till Noon
Am made an Angel as a gudbye boon

Horses kme flying 4m so long
Nightingale singz me a song
Elephantz nd treez dance along
show me my prince charming
D one 2 whom i belong

[I wakeup from sleep at midni8
nd Pray d Wishin star
2 make my dream Kme True]

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