Lukin at D clear sky
Waitin 4 d Rain 2 fall by

It makez me Groove
as d cloudz Move
nd d 1st drop hitz d Eve

It Feelz like my senses snow
as doze windz slow
nd d sand odours blow

Rain dropz so liitle ...Cuddle Me
Lightningz flashing so high ....Bloom Me
Stormz blowin so light .....Mint Me
Rainbows castin so Far ...Grace Me
Birdz singin so Near ...Cheer Me
Trees springing so Calm ....Motive Me

Itz like d Nature stopped by
To sing d Lullaby
Not gettin Droopy
To make me Happy

It was in yu I was dwellin
i was only months growin
nd yu wer d nly1 i was feelin
yur my idol Goddess !!

It was yu i tuched nd recognised
wen on dis planet i landed
nd yu wer d nly world i lived
yur my senses !!

It was 4m yu many things i learnt
Itz yu i count wen ppl compliment
Yur my teacher !!

It was wid yu evry thing i shared
yu made me laugh nd my tears yu wiped
Yur my Friend !!

It was yu who watched all my steps
made me perfect by correctin all my steeps
Yur my Preacher !!

Luv yu 4 al d patience yu had
......2 stop me crying
Luv yu 4 al d sacrifices yu did
......2 see me smiling

Luv yu 4eva nd Eva Mom !!

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