Big Eyez....check dey never liez

chubby cheekz....dont squeeze

Red lipz....I dont know wat dey speakz

Am juz eightz....nd my name iz EliZz

Nw diz poem tweetz....but not for sixteenz

Derz my girl Aliz...nd shez juz sweet six'z

Y do tearz roll out of my eyez
wen I only want 2 smile

Y am I left all alone
wen I only need someone known

Y am I left with choices
wen I gotto loose d one I pick

Y do this days nd nights come
wen I cud only see darkness all around

Y is diz world so big nd empty
wen I only need a little space filledup

Y does mornings wake me up
wen I only wanted 2 sleep 4eva !!

The girl who seemed unbreakable Broke

The girl who stood so strong Crumbled

The girl who neva built ny wallz Set apart

The girl who loved having fun Bkme Monotonous

The girl who kept dreaming big Awoke

The girl who always laughed it off cried

The girl who felt herself as a treasure Emptied

The girl who spoke 2 wishin star evry ni8 No longer longed

The girl who loved living her life Expired

Nd D girl who wud neva stop trying Finally gave up

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