I gave Yu my Heart
But yu dnt even care
To me It seemz

I loved yu a Lott
But yu can never make
how deep it meanz

I am angry yu Spott

But yu never perfectly figure
why nd from where it comez

I cried , sensitive yu Thought
But reasons yu dont realize
bcoz you dont understand my painz

So I stayup and ask Myself
Why do yu comeback...

when all u can do iz make me Cry ??

Cimex...wid a body not so complex

just iznt a bug stuck... 4 wat i wud say yuck

every mid ni8 it pings ...has no wings

spoils my dream ...nd makes me scream

so does a crime..but pays no fine

its colour red..drinking all my blood

Your Honour...do me a favour

Nw dat am Anaemic....nd ya Insomniac

Make a Laww!!...punish itz flaww !!

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