May we belong to different Planets,Races, or Species ,

Yet ..One of the Best relaxation times we all have definitely enjoyed is our..."Fetal life" !!

Just keeping our eyes closed, floating in the mothers Womb..
sucking our little thumbs :) \m/


 Distance never separate them,

when their hearts are tied with strings of Love  

Some memories So Sweet
Dat dey bring u Smiles... 

Some So bitter,
Dat bring u Tears...

Can't just forget the Past,
Wen someone means So much!! 

Words unsaid, sealed with one sweet lie
Tears unwept,forever concealed with. A simple smile
Feelings unexpressed, burried deep inside the heart
Emotions hidden, controlled beneath each breath
Anger remodeled ,  transformed into love with no bounds

Sometimes A simple,calm, girl/women is like a book of Empty pages with thousand stories.

She is Innocent,stupid,dumb..
yet can wisely solve others problems and wipe their tears off 

He is tough,strong,determined
yet can breakdown to thousand of pieces sometimes

She is sensitive,tender,delicate
yet can take all the pain it takes to give birth to a child

He is independent,easy-going,self centered
yet can be a responsible family man one day

They are Equally strong,wise,sensitive,caring ..
but at different aspects !!

Sometimes, all they forget is to try to understand and Respect each others Weaknesses/differences !

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