Smetymz ..
Itz BeTter we MiSs our FriendZz' ..
than Trouble them !!

Cause >>

they r d Onez who Love us ,
wid all our wierd attitude & stupid Faultz

they r d Onez who Care for us ,
more as a member of a Family

they r d Onez who Warn us ,
whenever we may get into a trouble

they r d Onez who cud bring the Best out of us ,
by Little suggestions at every hurdle of  Life

they r d Onez who Just Stay with us ,
expecting nothing but a  Sweet sail on d  boat of  "Fri3nd-sh!p"

You might smetymz Trouble them ....
and still they Comeback Evrytym ..

So ... NeverEver try 2 Use" them !!

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