Walking on the Lonely Roads
where Even the days seemed Gloomy
but i never raced myself Unhappy

I was Pretending..

I see a beam of Sunshine of another World
and i was feeling and living it
though from miles apart and not In

I was real to this Unreal world
cherishing every little thing

Now that it has turned upside Down
I try Open myself to the Real world

I see,I talk,I Play, all day
It seems So Dark but
I smile,I laugh, I Jump

I keep Pretending..

And As the night Falls
I see the four walls

What i could feel now is only
The upsidedown World..

I want to make it Right
Talk everything Straight

I could Nolonger wear this fakesmile
as am tired of this Plastic Life

Now i could Nolonger Pretend..

but I has No choice

Now What should I Fight for..?
To get used to the Scary Dark??
or wait for The Colorful Sunshine
and Feel the Real Happiness??


εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

To make it clear..In this Poem I refered my Life here to Darkness, and my DearOnes who are farway from me to the Sunshine!!

PRANEETH said...

Seems to be feeling lonely...

Anyway..Well written

εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

Pranz..yah it never leaves me..
but This is Something more than Loneliness !!

Sri Valli said...

Wait for sunshine baby!....There is always sunshine after darkness

εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

^^ Well am waiting ..

Defiant said...

Poem clearly explaining ur lonely feelings..
Gud poem.

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